Our Service

All our cheeses are freshly wrapped, packed carefully in a cardboard box. Orders are usually despatched on Wednesday, however you are welcome to collect. Please state when ordering if you require your cheese for a particular date. Please allow 24 hours for us to process your order.

Whalesborough whole and baby whole cheeses

are freshly wrapped and are “in the rind” which means they do not require refrigeration until they are cut into, although they are best kept below 12 degrees C.

A fridge, cellar or cool pantry is fine for this.

Uncut, they will have a best before date as written on the label – usually giving you a shelf life of between 6 – 8 weeks. Once cut, wrap the cheese tightly in cling film. The cut surface will need scraping if left for 2 weeks as a white harmless mould will appear as the cheese tries to grow back it’s natural mould rind. The cheese will be good to eat right up until the best before date on the label, but may dry out after this.

Whalesborough selection of freshly cut and wrapped slices

are chilled before sent and will keep best if refrigerated when you receive them.

The best before date is a guide, and the cheeses may be kept for longer providing the cut surface is scraped free from white mould before the cheese slices are eaten.

Cling film is fine to wrap our cheeses in as they are then prevented from drying out.

As with all cheeses – they are best enjoyed at room temperature.


Cheese is a wonderfully versatile natural food and can be enjoyed anywhere anytime:

An Appetiser

Try Keltic Gold melted down with nutmeg and served in a clay pot with carrot and bread sticks


Try Miss Muffet served with fresh croissants and ham


Try Trelawny or Crumbly with a rich fruity or spicy pickle

After Dinner

A selection of all Whalesborough cheeses!

Chris Eden – Head Chef at Cornwall’s Driftwood Restaurant (Michelin Star)

“We use mainly Cornish food, but it has to be good and Whalesborough Cheeses are excellent – especially the Keltic Gold which is my wife’s favourite!”