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Tuesday, April 17, 2018, at 10:52am

Look out for the article about Whalesborough Cheese in Speciality Fine Food’s supplement ‘The Cheese Buyer’
Our two new cheeses Marwenne and ‘Miss Thymed‘ are proving very popular!

Miss Thymed has been developed from our very popular best seller ‘Miss Muffet’ – a washed curd cheese, which we found was perfect for taking up the Lemon and Thyme Cornish Sea Salt’s delicate, herby, citrus flavours with a hint of the allium family (chive and garlic)— having a moist creamy pate. The Lemon and Thyme blend of sea salt perfectly complements the savoury citrus cheese flavour with a lovely background of nuttiness from the natural mould rind. A real taste experience.

Marwenne is a pasteurised full fat, washed curd, cow’s milk, semi-hard cheese made using vegetarian rennet, crushed green pepper corns and Cornish Sea Salt. It is mould ripened, has a delicious creamy, balanced flavour and is speckled with green peppercorns lending a lively peppery after taste.